Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter tidings

Isn't Easter just the nicest time of year? Between the fine weather and good food, not to mention 4 long days to savour both, there's not much to complain about. I even managed to peel off from the fam Easter Sunday and took in a movie in Carlton. Afterwards, I idled for a bit, looking for a treat, as usual, when I poked my head into Baker D. Chirico next door to Brunetti's. D. Chirico's St Kilda shopfront has been serving south siders for over a decade but I can't remember the last time I visited. Organic Gertrude, two stones throw away from home, stocks their bread, pastries and bombolinies so I am kept in good supply.

The constant yak yak about Melbourne being the design capital of Australia is pretty boring. Honestly, whatevs. It's enough to drive you to Yass. And yet, let's face it; D. Chirico is a long way from Brumby's. It's not often I feel moved by retail experiences but D. Chirico wooed me. Look at that wrapping paper!

As I waited for service (not long), I did consider what it was that retail can still do. For a few moments, just long enough to select and pay for my buns, I felt better. I mean that literally. I felt like a better brand of person. Discerning! Sophisticated! Urbane! It lasted all the way out the door and even as far as the front seat of my bomb-y old Toyota Corolla. That was the moment the spell broke. Did it matter? Not really. I had a dozen hot cross buns for company. I wolfed one down on the drive home. It tasted pretty good.

Baker D. Chirico
178 Faraday Street