Sunday, April 22, 2012



I have loved this poster by Melbourne-based designers Mahon and Band for Dinasour Designs' 2011 Moon collection since Stephen brought it home from work. It was more of the arts related flotsum and jetsum that crosses his desk. While it is probably difficult to appreciate at this scale trust me, it is a lovely piece of design. You can probably tell by the minute type in the left hand corner that it is sizeable. It is just big enough to inspire awe.

The moon has held special significance in our house for years. It was Otto's first proper word (after Mama and Dada). We taped it above his bed until a room reorganisation shifted his sleeping quarters and Hazel moved into its solar system. I sang and patted her to sleep day nap after day nap, night after night, all the while studying its technical complexity and stylistic wizardry. Most of all I enjoyed its reassuring presence and sense of authority. How is it that some pieces of design possess that? That is until Hazel used that chubby little hand of hers to reach up and pull it down recently. Moon didn't survive unscathed.

It was by chance–mooching about on the net– that I discovered that Mahon and Band had designed the poster. I wrote to congratulate Fiona Mahon on it and to let her know about its place on our wall. Very kindly she wrote back. And you know what? She also has a son, a similar age to Otto, and the very same poster is on his wall too. That little bit of news made me very happy.

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