Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My devotion to my quilts is well known. In my adult life I have owned precisely two. The first was made by my Polish aunt in the mid 80s from fabric fragments in polka dots, stripes, checks and paisley in simple squares. It was my couch besty for close to a decade. I even dragged it to Vanuatu where it was too hot for a threadbare cotton sheet. Actually, maybe addiction rather than devotion would better describe my relationship to these sewn objects. That quilt was a torn rag long before I folded it and put it in storage. It collected looks of pity not admiration. Me? I gazed at it with the tenderness that the very aged reserve for their spouses. Its replacement, arrived with aplomb as a gift from my sister who had picked it up at a NY market. In contemporary parlance it would be known as 'vintage'. Original, mid-Western, from the 1940s. How I Love It. If anything ever happened to it in the next decade, I would consider this quilt from just-can't put-a-foot-wrong French label A.P.C., a worthy successor. A.P.C. dress Europe's cool tribe. These quilts, which use decade old remenants from collections past, have been designed by Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou and manufactured in editions of 30.

They are only like $955 dollars.

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