Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am an animal

It's been a fortnight for sex. Blame the baby. Every time I drop her off with my brother's girlfriend for an hour or so, Nads plucks a book off the shelf promising me "You'll love this!" Am I in some kind of sex vortex? Most recently on the drive over there was a sex therapist on air reminding listers of the 3Rs of successful relationships (Respect, Real You and Romance). Actually, I can't believe I Remember that. It began with a study of monogamy – Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic and Domestic by Esther Perel and ended with promiscuity and the published web diary Belle de Jour: the intimate adventures of a London call girl. I have to say I liked them both though neither are natural writers or had the good fortune of being paired with zealous editors. That's ok, there's room for personal, sloppy stories in the world. Perel's book is warm, original and imaginative. But where was the Erotic checklist (baby books are great for these – a missed opportunity)? In different ways they reminded me I am an animal. Though compared to Belle de Jour not a very wild one.

Detail Hieronymus Bosch 1505/06


  1. wow this is way too close to home, can't you stick to writing about pretty pictures please, the internet is meant for escaping the realities of home!

  2. only pretty pictures from now on. promise. i don't even know what sex is.