Saturday, November 6, 2010

the romance of print

i love the internet, i really do, but sometimes things that are actually made of paper knock the internet's socks off. things that come in parcels from faraway places that have pages that can be turned, longingly lingered over, and make one want to move to brooklyn. 
i follow the blogs of some of the people who are in this book, i have sewed from their patterns, printed from their stencils and purchased from their etsy stores. but seeing their beautifully photographed lives is so much fun, kind of like real-estate-lifestyle porn. 
andy woke up and started sweeping at 7.30 am this morning, when i asked him why he replied - all the people in that book have such clean houses. 
i lay on the couch idly thinking of booking flights.
if someone was coming over to take a photo of our house, i said, then i'd sweep.

oh i just want to go there and eat all that pickled turnip.


  1. mmmm...i was looking at buying that book.
    if it means i will start sweeping the floor it could be a good thing...not much gets me motivated to do that at the moment

  2. where there is a will there is a way. i mean about going to brooklyn - but andy can apply it to sweeping if he likes.