Sunday, November 7, 2010

chimp life

As a child I have vivid memories of dressing a friend's kitten in a doll's dress, drawing a blanket tightly around its chest and pushing it in a pram around the neighbourhood. I knew it wasn't having a good time. They were meows of distress, not pleasure coming from under the bonnet. But, sometimes it's hard to put the needs of others ahead of your own. Finding this image brought back that guilty pleasure. Remember these posters? They were popular in the 70s. Looking at them now I guess they were heady days. National Geographic were running stories on Diane Fossey in Africa, there was a lot of excitement about primate and human communication pioneered out of research facilities in the USA. Cheesy as they were, these anthropomorphic posters had a great deal of optimism about them. Ripe for satire? Sure. Redback Graphix made this in 1979.

But it did make me wonder whether I might revisit the genre in some form for a calendar. It would have to be a drawing. Unless someone has a chimp out there that they can lend for the weekend.

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  1. Can I post a comment on my own blog? I will.
    One of my readers tells me that the fate of these chimps was – well beyond description.

    They ended up in solitary confinement in Chimp Jail.

    There will be no posters featuring chimps. Promise.