Sunday, November 14, 2010

They don't have $2 shops in Connecticut

At the library and in book stores I have my nose stuck in any magazines that feature homes – from the aspirational (Home of Interiors) to the instructional (Home Beautiful) and even those funny cross over titles like Notebook pitched at crafty/entrepreneurial mums. But it always bothers me 1) how art directed within an inch of their life they seem 2) everyone has what appear to me to be unlimited resources. Which is why I am such a bit fan of the Selby. While in many respects his photos are similar to those featured in magazines, he posts a dozen photos of the homes he visits – if not two. Nice lamp? Snap! Dinky corner of the shed? Snap! Try and imagine you have a lot of creative friends who live in Los Angeles/Brooklyn/Tokyo/London/New York. Most of them are loaded – but not all.

This past weekend I've been drooling over Oscar and his parents Glenn O'Brien and Gina Nanni's beautiful modernist home in Connecticut. Once you get over the startling impression that siblings married, lose yourself in the pared back splendour of their abode. This is Oscar's room. How great does it look? Clearly they don't have any $2 shops in Connecticut.


  1. if you haven't seen this already you might appreciate,
    Personally I'd like to see a magazine featuring photos of chimps in modernist houses.

  2. or more precisely this! Still figuring out that linky business.

  3. That is so funny. Someone showed me this site a few years ago but I completely forgot about it. I love it.