Thursday, October 14, 2010

thinking about stitches and colour

a year ago i started this embroidery for andy's 40th birthday present.

he is 41 tomorrow, but i still plan to continue with it one day, the bug licking the ice cream drips is going to become our cat parker, who is black but will be striped for this purpose, and there will be fireworks bursting out of the top of the eiffel tower to represent the 14th of july 2007 when andy and i arrived in paris with a baby version of izzy and walked with him in the baby bjorn to the eiffel tower to watch the bastille day fireworks. we were with my mum and dad and izzy cried at the bangs and the applause.
then cascading down the other side of the eiffel tower there will be lush vines and other garden-y things.

i have been distracted from finishing this embroidery and i blame Takashi Iwasaki

isn't his work so beautiful? i am enamoured by his use of colour, and the way the colours and the threads are so textural. i have bought myself some lovely black linen, but i think i will have to unpick my first effort because it looks too much like a wilting rocket

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