Sunday, July 1, 2012

Risky business

Rad Dale strikes a pose.

Illness is dangerous and not just for your health. I've been thinking about how it cuts us loose from hub-bub of life. You come out the other side with a pile of jobs just waiting to be done. And you wonder "Is this really what I do with my time? With my life?" In short, its the perfect time to head to the circus to entertain a few fresh ideas.

Otto and I found ourselves under the big top on the weekend for Circus Oz's new performance From the Ground Up stuffing our faces with cinnamon donuts and hot dogs and mixed lollies awe-struck by what young, fit and healthy people can do with their bodies. They were amazing!

It's been 25 years since I saw Circus Oz perform. The last time I was on the cusp of my teenage years and living in the suburbs (a short, failed experiment on the part of my parents). I don't remember much other than women with hairy armpits. I'm pretty sure I'd just discovered shaving. The women on stage, probably only ten years older than myself could have been from another planet, though that was any person with what my sister terms as "carnal knowledge". They had it.

It was so exciting to see that Circus Oz has lost none of its edge. It was still grungy, unashamedly political and well, somehow distinctly Australian. Much like the dare devil acts themselves, the entire enterprise seemed a celebration of risk. I wanted to run away and join these mavericks, musicians and gymnasts very much. Very, very much.

The next day at yoga I had grand plans to put a little extra kick into my inverted poses. Instead I found myself huffing and puffing and uttering the words "Restorative pose?" I'm no circus performer. I'm just a tired lady getting over a flu. And back at yoga. Back to my routine. It's not all that risky but I'm back on my feet.

Circus Oz
From the Ground Up
In Melbourne until 15 July.
Regional Victoria and other states to follow.

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