Monday, October 31, 2011

10 years of joys and sorrows

Organic Gertrude celebrated ten year on planet earth last night. Much like the Cheers bar was Norm's second home, Organic Gertrude has been my haunt. It's where I take my coffee – wind whipping through the cafe notwithstanding – where I've bartered and bought damn good food and found baby sitters, for both monkeys. I feel like my life has been lived out between its four walls, joys and sorrows, particularly these past 6 years when I've lived two stones throw away. Was it really ten years ago that it all kicked off? I designed its logo, my first, all that time ago? Sucking down a mango daiquiri and looking around the room last night I felt like we'd all gotten appreciably older. Not that I'm into pushing back time but I did wonder maybe I should try some Chia powder. Tomorrow.

Organic Gertrude
108 Station Street
Fairfield 3078


  1. Love the place. Miss it dearly from the actual Gertrude St but also get why they moved. That poster is gold!

  2. Thanks anna for everything. Love your work and feel blessed to have you in our shop in gertrude's form every day!

  3. happy birthday gertie! wish i'd been there....em xo