Sunday, May 8, 2011

Polkadot: Drawstring bag

This week the sweet polka's have been busy knitting a baby blanket for one of the flock. Elke is having a baby. I like the look of knitting but when it comes down to it I'm well aware of my propensity towards compulsion. That's one string I don't need to add to my bow. The mad knitters I know and love (you know who you are) do it compulsively. Like, even while reading to their kiddies. At home I am often referred to as Mrs Rabbit. I'm the lady version of Richard Scarry's loveable creation, Mr Rabbit. He's a rabbit who constantly has his nose in a newspaper even as he's walking. Which is how he ends up stuck in wet cement. Does he learn his lesson? No way. By the end of the story, he's back to his old tricks and about to step off a pier and into the sea. I can strongly relate. Some knit, I read. Which is a long-winded way of getting around to explaining the baby blanket bag. Given I couldn't contribute a square, I thought I would sew a bag for the blanket. With "neutral" as the unifying principle I settled on a grey Japanese linen with white polkadots. I even lined it. For someone who gets the sewing machine out once in an eon I have to admit I was pleased with the result.

Grey linen with polkadots
$29 per metre
GJ's, Lygon St
Brunswick VIC


  1. Nice work!! You should keep that machine our and keep on sewing xxx

  2. Thanks Bella. I think it was a lucky day. No tape measure and yet – it all lined up. I might have to look up Mystic Medusa for another auspicious sewing day. x

  3. Gorgeous blanket bag Anna! And I'm with you on the reading rather than knitting. That's exactly what I do.

    Many thanks for your company in the studio on Sunday. Was lovely!

  4. Shame the photos aren't better I keep thinking. But that's another string that clearly isn't in my bow.

  5. That bag is so good Anna! Love them polkadots:-)

  6. Love it Anna - good work! I bought the other polka dot fabric next to it - very cute!