Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Print Wallpaper

When you rent it's difficult to feel expansive about the possibilities of your home. And spending as much time as I do at home, sometimes that can get me down. I won't bore you with the schizo spiral it sends me on. (It's a version of I want more. Pause. But I've got so much. Pause. I've got too much. Pause. Have I got too much? Round and Round. I'm sure you get the picture) Given all of this it will probably amuse you to learn I spent a day making wallpaper on Sunday. Pushing boring practicalities to one side like, 'hmm what wall will I paper?', I had an excellent day immersed in block printing at Harvest Textiles under the expert tutelage of Kyle Budge of Mizu Design with Harvest designer and den hen Emma Byrnes for company. Aside from a slice of cake, I don't need much more to send me straight to H-E-A-V-E-N. Yes, a little Mother's Day fairy had me in her sights because the awesome, eccentric bakery and cafe next door, Each Peach, pulled a Pumpkin Pie out of the oven in time for our tea break. That is called a trifecta.

Harvest Textiles will run a 2 day wallpaper printing workshop 4-5 June if you feel inspired.

photo: Emma Byrnes
I had grand ambitions when it came to the design. William Morris by way of Scandinavia. It did not work for a repeated design (surprise surprise). So I modified it to a few woodland elements.

The finished block was 25 cm squared. Here I am pulling the lino up to check the print.

photo: Kylie Budge

I did this both sides of the paper about a dozen times each side.

photo: Emma Byrnes

Kyle getting serious with me. Me getting serious with the strawberries.

And the finished design. Not quite William Morris. But it was my first go. What do you think?


  1. Love those strawberries of yours! Thanks so much for printing with us on Sunday and for posting info about the workshop.

  2. Completely understand the renting conundrum - I do exactly the same. My cycle of thoughts goes kindof like "I'd love to change that" to "but I'm only here temporarily" to "but who knows how long I'll be here for" to "God I need to earn some real money" to "but I don't want to be a slave to a career I don't like just to buy a house" to "I have a roof over my head and a great life, what am I complaining about?" to "I'd love to change that..." And so on! I say, go ahead PRINT THAT WALLPAPER! Its beautiful!

  3. Oh mim, I laughed and laughed reading this. It's good to know I'm not alone. x