Friday, April 8, 2011

Early Promise, Little Twin Stars

My five year old asks me a lot of questions like 'What are footy cards for?' and 'How do you spell 'feelings'? while immersed in a close study of ninja's (see: club penguin, LEGO Ninjago). It vividly transports me back to the obsessions of my own childhood, namely Little Twin Stars. These Kawaii (aka 'cute') Japanese characters created by the Sanrio corporation in 1975 were my universe. I didn't so much as study or play with them – I remember a pencil case, ruler and eraser I practically worshipped – it actually felt as though I absorbed them. I must have drawn and traced their wide spaced eyes and protective star dozens of times over the years. Aqua and pink paired together were my favourite colours until I turned 13. I became more fickle in my teenage years. I seemed to spend a lot of time catching public transport to skate parks and eating chocolate sundaes at McDonalds. Did I also forget how to look closely at things? Fossicking through my files the other day I stumbled onto a year 10 school report. I got a lousy 'C' for Art History. Who knew I'd make my bread and butter as an art writer 20 years later? On the evidence of that report, I showed no early promise.

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