Sunday, September 26, 2010

You Can Still Do A Lot With Quite A Small Brain

Do we really have small brains? It's quite possible that this wall vinyl speaks to the sleep deprived mum in me. Baby or not there's a lot to like about this piece of wall decoration by Robert Ryan and available through the dudes at Areaware. Wall vinyl has really taken off in the past few years but it's not that simple to find something you could actually live with. I can't quite put my finger on where they fall down. Too remaniscent of retail environments? Designers chasing after their lost youth at raves? Anyhoo, I think Ryan is referencing a different tradition – paper cuts and folk art – that gives it a pleasingly tactile dimension. For $56 US dollars for 20 x 20 inches it's not such a splash out either.

1 comment:

  1. Not just you, we do indeed have small brains. & it seems the ones with the smallest brains do a lot better - like children, for example, who seem to get fed, bathed, clothed, etc, without doing any work. That is, until that new coal mine opens up...