Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reader lunch: sharing is living

I was reminded of the value of celebration this week. Bringing friends together in the name of an occasion – five years blogging – at the outstanding Cafe di Stasio was memorable fun. I'm pretty certain that a long lunch is the definition of civility. Really. Great company, delicious food, good wine and sparkling conversation is simple confirmation that sharing is living.

 Thanks to Obus, Marmoset Found and Ruby Pilven for their role in making the day extra special. I felt like Santa handing out gift bags with these awesome goodies. If you missed out this time, I'm planning the ten year event already. Be at the ready. If you would like a copy of the limited edition sweetpolka publication (a 24 page trip down memory lane) it can be yours for $10 + postage. Email


  1. beautiful people good company delicious food and a great waiter, so lovely

  2. I hope you had a successful event and spent some good time with your readers. I am also looking for a spacious and convenient event space for my upcoming get-together and trying to find a venue which fits my radar.