Monday, May 5, 2014

Bath Evader

Okay, for those of you with little peeps, are probably familiar with Moshi Monsters, a website developed for tweens. It looks and feels very pan Asia – a little Kawaii, a little Bollywood with Willy Wonka thrown in for good measure. It is, in fact, the brainchild of UK website developer Michael Acton Smith. I have read more than one Moshi Monsters magazine out loud at bedtime though it's difficult to describe the pun-riddled copy as 'writing' and yes, I did see the movie when it came out. Thankfully, not being a Pixar/Dreamworks animation there was no take home message about personal growth and leadership, just small critters – clouds with legs, doe-eyed unicorns, little devils – tearing it up on screen. The characters are crazy cute. Naturally, Otto has been scratching his (head lice free) head trying to come up with his very own. I'm always interested in observing someone else's creative process. Otto is no fan of the bath but loves Star Wars. Put that in a blender and you get Bath Evader, Darth Vader's smelly cousin. That light saber is swatting at flies.

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