Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brendan Huntley

Disorder Disorder, Installation View,  Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney (2010)

This year I turn forty. You might be wondering where I am at with my mid-life crisis. Right on track, so it seems. A small Cockney accented man has taken residence in my head. He asks me one question “What’s it all for then, eh?” Sharing the space is the world’s most boring forensic accountant who is doing an inventory of my achievements and financial affairs. I am getting a D.

What happened with the expansivness of thinking that characeterised the last decade of my life? Gone. I pen imaginary Letters to My Teenage Self. In them I discourage myself from Following My Dreams.

I am as bored as you are by my status anxiety. Where’s my sense of gratitude right? The thing is I feel it and even express it everyday. It only works half the time.  The other half of the time I am wondering whether I should take up pottery. The many faces of Brendan Hunltley speak to me.


  1. So good (the pottery not the impending crisis!). I can't even remember how old I am - somewhere between 35 and 40....

  2. Siri, believe me - when you are knocking on 40, you'll know! I love Huntley's work. Art Gallery of South Australia has his work on display at the moment. Looks amazing!