Thursday, October 3, 2013

Es así de sencillo

I got a text message yesterday, photos attached, of Oli playing with painted blocks. Isn't that nice? I am really taken with how delighted he seems by them. I painted them a couple of years ago now at a time when I seemed to spend a lot of time on the floor building things with the monkeys. You can probably tell from the photos that they are double sided, a male and female figure, dressed in 18th century Swedish dress. Sometimes I wonder where my ideas come from. I really don't know. I think I was just sitting around the dining table when I spied an ANNA biscuit tin, beautifully painted with folk motifs from northern Europe. I might have been holding a Jenga block in my hand. I'm pretty sure I was wondering what I might make for the upcoming Harvest Textiles market.

One of Oli's friend's has taken a shine to them. I've been commissioned. I'm looking forward to painting some more. The sight of them all lined up waiting to dry is very satisfying. I stain them with a non-toxic wood oil to finish and pack them in calico bags.

As Dora might say: Es así de sencillo. 

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