Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yoga for Elephants

I read Hazel a Barbar story tonight. I like Laurent de Brunhoff's stories so much. They unfold at a nice pace, there are always fun details to find and its fictional world is richly drawn. Even at the micro-scale, a single illustration, the qualities that define de Brunhoff's books are evident. Take this illustration, from Yoga for Elephants (2002). Notice the cheerful ducks oblivious to the serious yogi. Or the crowns, and hat, and gasses, put aside for the class. Notice the sense of optimism that even the littlest of elephant's can do this. Obviously regular readers will know I am a yoga nut. But I would not have picked myself for a royalist. Still I like this royal family. On days when I feel knocked around by life I could crawl between de Brunhoff's pages. I could live here.

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  1. I also love King Barbar and Queen Celeste for the same reasons:-)