Friday, February 1, 2013

Wall art

'Scary bat' vinyl cut and applied to wall.

Are you an empire builder or an explorer? I was debating the merits of each with a colleague this week.  I wish I was an empire builder, but it looks like my big bro got that handy profile. By now I am reconciled to my peripatetic tendencies veering as I do from graphic design, to writing, to communications in any given week. I guess they don't call me Zigzag for nothing. But, believe it or not I've been wondering whether I might be able to slip on one more hat. Could I add interior designer into that mix?

I've written before about how I daydream about cushions. I like rugs more than is strictly necessary. One of the things I miss most while I am at work is the lack of tactile contact with objects (my Mac doesn't count). So it was very gratifying this week to find my secret inner life (interiors) and day job (graphic design) aligned with my other passion, my monkeys (in this case Otto).

After summer's success in rearranging the kids room we've been wondering what to put up on the walls. I am resisting the loud cries for "graffiti". But I like the idea of wall graphics, even though the available ones are usually a bit NQR. I like the idea that the kids get to see their own work up. Then I found this drawing from October, part of the Halloween collection of drawings floating around the house. I put it aside and this week I scanned it and had it cut in vinyl.

Otto is pretty chuffed to see it beside his bed. I know what you are wondering, was it expensive? It was so cheap it was free.

I think it's safe to say Shane, my contact in the world of vinyl, is not an empire builder. But from one explorer to another, thank you.

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