Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best foot forward

The Subway Series #2, Brooklyn, 1980 © Jamel Shabazz

I spent the weekend past in Adelaide visiting my twin. Owing to the extreme heat, toddler and city itself the pace was pretty slow. For my needs it was just right. We did a lot of yack yack, wide-ranging talk the type you can only do in person, face-to-face. We even went through her wardrobe, workshopping her back-to-work look (FYI Sports Luxe). That hour pulling clothes out and trying them on brought back an earlier time, from childhood to young adulthood when reviewing our wardrobes was – aside from attending school – the most time consuming activity of the week. Time consuming and consuming. The passion of early self-expression. I've been wondering lately, does that wane? Or does it just change?

Jamel Shabaz
1 March – 14 April

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