Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Laziest credit line in magazine universe? I'm loving [insert...this bed, table, chair] right now. Every time I read it I want to throw some coins in a jar. That way I know I'll get to the Bahamas by Christmas.

But for this cushion I will make an exception. Love it. Love those clever Harvest girls and love the fact that with two of these on the couch I could have pets in my home.

I'm writing this with one eye on the couch and another on my new plush rug wondering, could I get away with it. If the room has a flavour, it's Pacific Pop. The new rug – bold black and rust orange stripes – is taking it in another direction. It's introduced some tertiary shades into the equation. Can it take flouro? Here's hoping. Because, did I mention I love these?

Harvest Textiles
40 cm across $70

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