Friday, July 20, 2012

Fox, rabbit, cat


If I had the courage I would ask a stranger – a friend would also be acceptable – to sweep through my house with an eye for improvement. Even as I type this I can already feel the yawning parameters of this proposition unhinge me. Okay, they would get a detailed brief (like, don't even go there on structural elements – this place is not mine) but occasionally as I chop veggies on my single chopping board I think 'One chopping board? Surely like would be easier, even more hygienic, with two?' And what about the kids backpacks kicking around on the floor at the end of the day, migrating aimlessly from room to room. They should have a hook, a coat rack. That brainwave only took about two years.

Bunnings is up the road. I know they could sort me out in no time. But I found these flipping through a magazine and thought I could share these with the monkeys. Fox, rabbit, cat. We could take an animal each.

Animals of Whittling Wood

Made from beech and beech faced plywood.
Dimensions 500mm x 155mm x 60mm

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