Saturday, March 24, 2012

From the archives: Joan Miro

Yesterday at the Alphington Primary School Fair I tackled trashless treasure with a sense of purpose, only to walk away with a broken jewellery box, the kind with a twirling ballerina, and a small tupperware container with pretend lego. It was slim pickings. Later, buoyed by a cup of tea, I ventured into the book hall. I was too late to pick up a good book but propped up against a wall was a 1984 mounted reproduction of Joan Miro's watercolour Huile Sur Toile from 1948, printed in France in 1984. It's a lovely print: colourful, whimsical and cheerful. I remember liking Miro (1893–1983) as a teenager but cutting him loose about the same time as Marc Chagall. They seemed too lyrical for teenage torment. While I am still ambivalent about Chagall, I am happy to welcome Miro's Spanish charm into my home. His kooky lines and symbolic abstracted illustrations are fun. Try as I might I can't find a jpg on the net. So I will photograph it. In the meantime here is another of Miro's paintings, for a bit of atmos.

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