Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fringe Dweller

Some days I wonder, have I become a fringe dweller? I've always moved fluidly between media; I'm a habitual newspaper reader even now in the years of its decline, watch several hours of television every day and put in a fair bit of time on the 'puter. But increasingly I can't escape the feeling that these worlds are in disconnect. Aside from the pleasure of watching Lois Theraux throw himself to the lions each week I usually find myself channel surfing in disbelief, as in: "Who the f*** are these bogans and where did they find them?" I get listless reading every section of the paper, even sections I used to anticipate, like film. And in my leisure time, what there is of it, I often find myself reading the blogs of mums who love nature, worship their children, and collect twigs from the forest which they turn into art projects that you'd actually keep rather than recycle. They live in rural France, Iceland and America and spend a lot of time out of doors drawing inspiration for their next range of textiles. I like their aesthetic: usually a respect for natural materials, an eye for bringing objects together so they appear unforced but interesting. And I can't work out why their refined sensibility just doesn't get a look in even on shows like Better Homes And Gardens. While they are up to their armpits refurbishing Jack's room with a tray of paint and a sea sponge because he's no longer a Baby and a Big Boy now. I just shake my head at how they can take an ugly room and make it uglier.

See Fine Little Day for this lovely poster. I just filled up my cart and it came to $427 without me even tiring.

Pirum Parum

Offset printed poster
Size: 50 x 70 cm/19.6 x 27.5 inches
170g / 0.37 Ib, off-white paper

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  1. I know. My partner runs out of the room in horror when they get all crafty & arty on the home shows on tv.