Friday, August 12, 2011

David Rosetzky: How To Feel

David Rosetzky
How to Feel, 2011
video still
Courtesy of the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

After being a negative nancy about Shaun Gladwell's recent exhibition, it's been a blessed relief to get along to David Rosetzky's exhibition How To Feel, coincidentally also a commission, and walk out feeling, well, upbeat. These confessionals – private, innermost thoughts– shared in a group setting incorporate dance choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Rosetzky's work always walks a tightrope between naturalism and artiface. On occasion the effect is a little airless, kind of brittle. But Lake's choroegraphy – not So You Think You Can Dance dance – more like repeated gestures that are earthy and sensual bring interesting qualities to Rosetzky's work. Her choreography, so warm and casual, lightens the tone. As the actors playfully, touch and tumble, kick and slap one another they remind us: hey we're in this together.

Like all of Rosetzky's work it's beautiful. Every detail from choreography to casting is in concert. I expected that. What surprised me was its humour. On Monday night, pretty premenstral myself, I was more than happy to be reminded that people are nut bags. I know I sure felt like one.

David Rosetzky
9 August – 25 September 2011

111 Sturt Street
VIC 3006

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