Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fricken Festivals

image: Milton Glaser
There are no shortage of talks scheduled for this week and next week or that were on last week that I missed or will miss. That includes films on at the Melbourne International Film Festival, design talk and action as part of the State of Design festival or bringing the these two loves of mine together in a late night panel discussion on film titles at ACCA. Put it in the diary: missed it. Next I'll miss the 8am chit chat at the Wheeler Centre with the venerable Milton Glaser (of I Heart NY fame and a thousand awesome other projects besides) who has sold out already. A Skype conversation! At 8 am! Schleping between home and work, dealing with domestic disorder, marvelling at the kids new found abilities (remember learning to draw 3D shapes?) is about all I can take on. I'm calling it the festival of life. It's not cheap but I can't miss it and its not sold out either.


  1. So on the same wavelength my friend. It is a little distressing to be missing so much good festival-of-specific-things but, hey, not much to be done!

  2. Dismay or graceful acceptance sometimes I don't know which attitude to adopt. x

  3. Think about it this way - at least you live in a city where there are cultural events to miss!

    Apropos of nothing i thought you might like this blog - these are my favorite posts but the whole thing is worth exploring

    best j

  4. Amazing! Especially the biscuit embossing post. Honestly, this is what design students should be writing. And you are right - totally spoiled when it comes to cultural events. But sometimes there is just too much. A glut, a total glut is what we have. How do you work out what to attend? Easier to just stay in and watch another night of Master Chef.