Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I don't understand how it happens but my reading clusters in strange and unusual ways. I mean, this wasn't a year I had intended to devote to AIDS/USA but a friend passed me Just Kids by Patti Smith (that tender story of love and friendship between Smith and artist Robert Mapplethorpe that I've written about already here), another handed me the first of the Armistead Maupin series Tales of The City which chronicles the giddy, hedonistic hardcore 70s– and suddenly I'm 5 books down the track – reeling that Mary Ann has dumped her husband to pursue fame and fortune in the Big Apple. Yesterday I finished Benjamin Law's The Family Law, about growing up gay and Asian on the Sunshine Coast. Spooky, no? I have now opened the excellent Electricity For Beginners, a collection of poetry by Brisbane based Michelle Dicinoski (who has written a memoir The Ghost Wife about same sex marriage and is married to a lady herself). What's that? Gay/Queensland? This reading list has not been planned. In my world, books follow books like dominoes; sides somehow connect. Does this happen to you too?

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