Friday, May 27, 2011

Polka Dot: Tea

Photo: Siri Hayes

On Friday as the clouds rolled over to form a blanket over the sky, I was happy to be indoors and in company sharing lunch with a friend. Settling in to polish off the last of the birthday cake Siri offered tea. Look! Polka dots on the inside. The story goes Siri was in Barcelona looking for some authentic Spanish ceramics in Poble Espanyol. It's where local artists sell their wares. I think it's very funny that she found some pottery by Japanese ex-patriot artist Katsue Kasumi instead. Thank Allah for all the restless people seeking adventure over the seas.


  1. I would do almost anything to have those beautiful cups.

  2. ah-ha - you need to book yourself a ticket to Barcelona and get to Katsue's store at Poble Espanyol! I hear the weather is nice there at the moment:-)

  3. And you should check out the rest of Siri's ceramics. Unbelievably awesome. But then, married to a ceramicist, what would you expect?