Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just how many Saturday afternoon's did I spend traipsing through Melbourne's Victoria Market as a kid in search of clip-on koala's and Akubra hats on the eve of some family member's departure for Poland? More than a few. While many experience sheer horror at the kitchness of these 'Aussie' objects, I am an out and proud wog when it comes to Australiana. As far as I'm concerned, too much is never enough. I will write about my love affair with Ken Done down the track, don't worry. Today though, I thought I'd share with you my delight in Arabella Ramsay's new collection, The Alice. I like Arabella Ramsay's clothes a lot. I always think of landowners, rural wealth – stockocracy (I can't seem to find this word in the dictionary or any enlightening hits by googling it but what I mean is land ownership + aristocracy, if you can help me on this score, please do so). I can't think of another Australian fashion designer that goes there. It is clean but country and it does more than draw inspiration from the outback in a boring, abstract and generic way (as in 'I love the colours of the outback' Yawn). No, Ramsay manages to convey both history and place in her selection of fabric, cut and styling that is quite unique.

As the name suggests, this new collection that is named after the Northern Territory town (though I'd be very surprised if anyone looks this stylish in Alice Springs). Check out the T-shirt. She has used an illustration by her father of cane toads and feral pigs, mice and rats. I want one for me, and one for my sister-in-law in Warsaw. Would she wear it? I'd have to cross my fingers. With her love of checks, Lacoste and tennis she is more Japanese than the Japanese.

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