Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dear Santa,

Re: Christmas Gift 2011

I can't think of another gift in living memory that has delighted me so much as what came wrapped under the tree with my name on it. De-light-ed! I actually feel bashful in its presence, like I think 'Hello lamp' when I walk into the kitchen. It was love at first sight. When I saw it in the window of Third Drawer Down I was fanging it down George St. If it had been a fairtytale I would have rubbed my eyes in astonishment. I actually slowed to walking speed and exclaimed 'Look Otto an icecream and a light all rolled into one!'. I would have thought a 5 year old might have shared my pleasure but its not built from LEGO and his tooth is not as sweet as mine so he only shrugged. It's ok, you heard. Now my kitchen feels like a carnival. It's so fun I almost don't mind doing the dishes. Almost.



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