Sunday, December 19, 2010

From the archives: Earthworks Poster Collective

Christmas, it's a time to look back, no? I was going to look way back at the great American Paul Rand, but a devilish mood took me. Is the end of the year anytime for that kind of sunny optimism? I don't think so either. Too much shit has gone down. We can start afresh come January 1. This poster by Chips Mackinolty for Earthworks Poster Collective (1971-1980) was for one of their Christmas parties. Earthworks was based at the Tin Sheds on the grounds of Sydney University, where a loose group of students gravitated to make posters and hang out. They made posters for political causes and events. The year before they opened up the workshop to community access and classes. It was one happenin' place. Frankly it's hard to believe this is already 33 years old. This was the year that Mental As Anything formed. Mackinolty's posters always had a certain point of view and confidence. Looking back at their posters you always got the sense they knew how to have a good time.

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