Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wolf Whistle

I’d only been trying to check my emails for for 11 days, shlepping my computer around the surf coast like a ball and chain crying “Wi-Fi?” at shop-keepers to absolutely no avail. Cursing my lack of success led me to the lovely Lorne boutique, Wolf Whistle, for no other reason than to distract myself from my woes. I needed to see something lovely to lift my spirits. I wasn’t expecting much, what with regatta and sea-side fashion being what it is, but it was like coming across unexpected treasure. Firstly, these scarves caught my eye. Made from silk sourced from the Flinders Lane fabric store Tessuti the sight of them hanging in a row cheered me no end. And sitting behind the counter was the owner and talented designer Dimitria who not only made the scarves and the series of gorgeous hand printed cards (above framed for $190 for the pair) but some stylish simple blouses. The other labels and accessories – including Sydney outfit Secret Squirrel, Kuwall and Iggy & Lou Lou – are all Australian and locally made. The overall feel stylish secretary by the sea-side.

The encounter made me think nothing can turn my bad mood around as quickly as a surprising conversation with a stranger. Unless it’s catching sight of a beautifully made object. In Lorne on that day I may have missed out on my emails but I lucked out nonetheless.

Wolf Whistle, 44 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne 3232

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