Sunday, September 12, 2010


I don't place much truck in the "art" of reading handwriting. But in the case of Ed Fella, I'm willing to make an exception. Don't you just look at this poster made by Fella in 1997 and think: we could be best friends? Something about those lovely letters, dada sensibility, surrealist bent and unabashed Californian optimism wins me over every time. I often return to his book Letters on America in order to immerse myself in his sweet, sunny drawings and Polaroids of faded Los Angeles signage, cracked pavements, and the detritus of consumer culture. Speaking of friendship do you think he knows the other Ed, artist Ed Rucha? They sure would have something to talk about if they found themselves in the same diner. I'm guessing typography.


  1. Most definitely enjoying your way of looking and speaking about the world - I think I am a 'follower' of your blog- for real!

  2. Thanks Siri. This is really fun.