Monday, August 23, 2010

bobo loco

I've fallen for this kids clothes brand, Bobo Choses. Embarrassingly I've spent hours trawling the internet searching out a little apple backpack that I saw, along the way I met this camera windcheater. According to sociologists Bobos are meant to be the descendants of yuppies; bourgeois bohemians who combine wealth and self-interest with a love of purchasing expensive and exotic items. How good that Bobo Choses use organic fair trade cotton and donate 10% of all their profits to a women’s social development project in Bangladesh. This beautiful soft grey windcheater also features a beautiful hand drawn image of the Leica camera that I, (and no doubt many other wannabee Bobos) have been lusting after all our lives. With a Parisian strap no less. If only I could squeeze into a child’s size 6. I’ll just have to admire Izzy in it and hope it lasts a few wears before food or paint transform it into something less perfect.

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